Walsh, L., Diaz, A., Marra, J., Kushner, C., Otto, R. M., & Wygand, J. W. (2008). The effect of inspiratory muscle training on time trial performance of college cross-country runners. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number 1807.

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This study determined the effect of inspiratory muscle training (five days per week for six weeks) on time trial performance of NCAA Division II cross-country runners (M = 8; F = 6). Ss were pre-tested for pulmonary function, 3-mile time trial performance, and maximal oxygen consumption. Ss were matched and randomly assigned to a control group or inspiratory training group. Each group began on the lowest level of the inspiratory training device. The training group increased the inspiratory resistance by one level each week, while the control group remained at the lowest level for the duration of the study. Ss performed two sets of inspiratory muscle training, consisting of 30 breaths per set with two minutes rest between sets.

Both groups exhibited data trends in the same directions. Only the inspiratory muscle training group significantly improved 3-mile time trial performance. The control group significantly decreased maximal oxygen consumption.

Implication. Inspiratory muscle training can improve time trial performance in college age cross country runners.

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