Skiba, P. F., (2008). Calculation of optimal taper characteristics in an amateur triathlete. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number 1288.

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This study investigated the correlation between training and performance in an amateur triathlete in the individual sports of swimming, cycling, and running. Training and performance test data were obtained through review of athlete logs (swimming), examination of GPS files (running), and bicycle power meter files. Training stress metrics were calculated.

The correlations between training and performance were high for each sport but there was considerable variation between the activities' time of peak training influence on performance.

Implication. Taper characteristics are different for each component discipline of the sport of triathlon. [One needs to ponder if in multi-event but same-sport activities (e.g., swimming 100 m and 400 m individual medley) different tapers would also be required.]

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