Wang, Y.-P., Tseng, K.-W., Wu, R.-P., & Huanh, C.-Y. (2006). Effects of passive warm-up with ultrasound diathermy on exercise performance and muscle damage. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 2174.

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This study investigated the effects of passive warm-up with ultrasound diathermy and heat packing on exercise performance, recovery, and muscle damage. Females (N = 18) were divided into three groups; control group (no warm-up before eccentric exercise), heat-packing group (15 minutes of superficial heat with an electrical heat pack before exercise) and ultrasound group (seven minutes of deep heat with ultrasound diathermy before exercise). Each S performed 30 repetitions of eccentric exercise at a level of 80% maximal voluntary isometric contraction force. Measures were taken before, immediately after, and on the second, fourth, seventh, and tenth days post-exercise.

There were no significant differences between the groups for serum creatine kinase muscle isoform and the cross sectional area of the biceps brachii. The ultrasound group had a greater range of motion and maximum voluntary contraction than the heat-packing and control groups.

Implication. Passive warm-up with ultrasound diathermy or heat packing promotes better muscle strength and range of motion in eccentric exercise than no warm-up. Ultrasound promoted less muscle damage and swelling than the other conditions in recovery.

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