Tegeder, A. R., Hunter, I., & Martini, E. (2006). Utilizing the Nike ice vest in distance running training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 2496.

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This study determined the effectiveness of using a Nike ice vest on central temperature during long-distance interval training in warm (24-30C) conditions. Ss ingested a radiotelemetry temperature sensor three hours before reporting. Each Ss central temperature was taken prior to putting on the cooling vest and warming-up. Each S warmed-up and exercised under two conditions: 1) an experimental condition in which Ss wore a cooling vest during warm-up and 2) a control condition in which Ss wore no shirt during warm-up. Ss put on the cooling vest 30 minutes prior to their warm-up, then performed their typical warm-up of 15-20 minutes of jogging, followed by stretching and four 100 m strides at workout pace. Ss then removed the cooling vest and ran eight 1000 m intervals separated by one minute of rest.

After warm-up, central temperature was elevated by 0.50 0.08C in the no vest group compared to 0.11 0.13C for the ice vest group (significantly different). Differences in central temperature persisted between groups until the end of the second interval. The temperature benefit only lasts about 10 minutes once the vest is removed.

Implication. Wearing a Nike ice vest prior to long-distance interval training in warm conditions slows the rise in central temperature.

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