Goodwin, J., Glaister, M., Howatson, G., Lockey, R., & McInnes, G. (2006). Effect of pre-performance massage on 30m sprint running. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 2428.

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This study investigated the effect of massage on subsequent 30 m sprint running performance. Active males (N = 37) completed three treatment conditions. After each condition Ss completed a standardized warm-up followed by three 30-m sprints. Treatment conditions were: 15 minutes of lower limb massage; 15 minutes of placebo ultrasound; and no-treatment control. 30-m sprint times were recorded (including 10 m split time) for the three trials under each condition.

There was no significant treatment, trial, or interaction effect for 10-m or 30-m sprint times. There was no noticeable advantage gained from massage.

Implication. A controlled 15-minute lower limb massage administered prior to warm-up had no significant effect on subsequent 30-m sprint performance.

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