Tirapegui, J., Leitao, H. A., Leal, F. L., Rocha, F. C., Neto, M. M., & Figueiredo, R. G. (2008). Ergogenic effect of caffeine on the physical maximum performance of cyclists. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number, 2032.

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This study examined the ergogenic effect of caffeine on the maximum physical performance of cyclists. Athletes were randomly distributed into caffeine group (GC N = 7) and placebo group (GPL N = 7). Ss consumed doses of caffeine or starch placebo (5 mg/kg). A progressive maximum exercise on an ergometric bicycle before and after supplementation was performed as the measure of performance. The test protocol consisted of five minutes of warm-up, followed by a load of 100 W and then an extra 50 W every 2.5 minutes. When heart rate reached 160 bpm, extra loads of only 25 W were added every 2.5 minutes. The exercise was terminated when heart rate reached maximum or 20 points was indicated on the Borg scale.

The caffeine group performed significantly longer than the placebo group, the difference being very large (~115%).

Implication. Caffeine ingestion improves endurance performance significantly.

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