Bliss, M. V., Bellar, D., Kamimori, G. H., Glickman, E. L., Barkley, J. E., Ryan, E. J., & Bellar, A. (2008). The effect of caffeine supplementation on performance in the standing shot put throw. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number, 2036.

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This investigation determined if caffeine had ergogenic effects on performance in the standing shot put event. Male (N = 4) and female (N = 5) small-college shot putters received either a piece of gum designed to deliver 100 mg of caffeine in a buccal manner, or a placebo gum. The gum was chewed for five minutes then discarded. Ss then completed a series of five warm-up throws, followed by six attempts for distance with a shot put (16lbs for males, 4kg for females).

A significant difference (treatment x throw) was found indicating that the caffeine treatment produced better performance improvements over the course of the six attempts.

Implication. Low-dose caffeine increased the performance of standing shot putters over the course of six attempts.

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