Wollner, M., Carlos, E. B., & Neves, E. L. (2006). Effect of bicarbonate supplementation on the muscular strength. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 2262.

This study examined the ergogenic effect of sodium bicarbonate on muscular strength. Resistance trained males (N = 11) were assigned randomly to ingest two different solutions one of sodium bicarbonate (0.3 g/kg), the other a control condition of sodium chloride (0.045 g/kg). Solutions were ingested two hours before a muscle strength test. Each S performed a 10 repetition maximal test on the bench press and another on the pull press according three procedures: (1) without supplement control; (2) with bicarbonate supplementation; and (3) the salt placebo. All tests were repeated in each condition.

Significant differences were recorded between test and re-test for both strength tests but there were no differences between conditions.

Implication. Bicarbonate supplementation does not affect muscular strength.

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