Umana-Alvarado, M., Solera-Herrera, A., & Moncada-Jiménez, J. (2006). Effect of three different drinks on physical variables in male athletes, during a running trial. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 2235.

This study determined the effects of different drinks on physical variables in male athletes. Runners (N = 13) completed three, one-hour running trials on a treadmill under stressful conditions (30ºC, RH 60%). Tests were one week apart. Ss drank every 15 minutes self-determined amounts of a 6% carbohydrate sports drink, a 11% carbohydrate energy drink, or a placebo beverage.

Ss consumed similar amounts in all trials. There were no differences in mean total distance, ratings of perceived exertion, or any other variable during the trials. More Ss reported gastro-intestinal problems when drinking the carbohydrate drinks than with the placebo.

Implication. Performance under stressful conditions for a one-hour running trial was the same when consuming carbohydrate or placebo drinks.

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