Shafat, A., Allen, R., Dunne, D., & Clegg, M. (2007). Water, trehalose, or glucose drinks as ergogenic nutrients in cycling. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 905.

"Glucose solutions at 5-8% w/v are established as more effective ergogenic aids in comparison to water in many sports. Faster gastrointestinal transit delivers carbohydrates at a greater rate to the blood stream and exercising muscles. Trehalose is a novel glucose disaccharide that may have faster gastrointestinal transit than glucose solution, due to lower osmolarity". This study determined whether glucose or trehalose improved performance in comparison to water in 80 minutes of intensive cycling. Healthy male non-elite cyclists (N = 6) were tested on three occasions seven days apart. Ss consumed 8 ml/kgBW flavored water, 6.4% w/v trehalose solution, and 6.4% w/v glucose, each labeled with 10 g lactulose as a marker of mouth-to-caecum transit time. During exercise, 2 ml/kg was consumed every 20 minutes. Ss exercised for one hour performing six sets of eight minutes at 70% VO2max interspersed with two minutes of rest, followed by a 10-km time trial.

There was no significant difference in mouth-to-caecum transit time between the three drinks. During the one-hour cycle power output, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion were similar between treatments. Times to complete the 10-km cycle trial were also similar. Urine specific gravity decreased during the exercise for all three drinks.

Implication. Trehalose or glucose solutions did not exhibit ergogenic benefits in 80 minutes intensive cycling.

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