Peyrebrunek, M. C., Lindh, A., Ingham, S., & Folland, J. (2007). Sodium bicarbonate supplementation improves 200 m freestyle performance in elite male swimmers. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 1462.

This study investigated the physiological effects of sodium bicarbonate supplementation on 200m freestyle swimming performance in elite male competitors (N = 9). Ss completed a maximal effort, race-simulated 200 m freestyle swim on three separate occasions: a control trial; after ingestion of sodium bicarbonate (300 mg/kg); and after ingestion of calcium carbonate (200 mg/kg) which served as a placebo.

Sodium bicarbonate produced significantly faster 200 m performances than the other two conditions. Base excess, pH, and blood bicarbonate were all elevated pre-exercise in the sodium bicarbonate condition compared to control and placebo trials. Post-200 m blood lactate concentrations were significantly higher following sodium bicarbonate ingestion compared to placebo and control trials.

Implication. Sodium bicarbonate ingestion has an ergogenic effect on 200 m freestyle performance in elite male swimmers.

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