Lee, D. T., Seo, Y. S., & Kim, W. J. (2005). Combined effects of carbon monoxide inhalation and heat exposure on respiration and muscular metabolism during fast walking. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 998.

Healthy men (N = 8) participated in four experimental sessions. In each session they rested for 15 minutes and then treadmill-walked for 30 minutes at 45% VO2max. The four conditions were air breathing at 26; carbon monoxide (CO) breathing (150 ppm) at 26; air breathing at 36; and CO breathing at 36.

Carbon monoxide breathing restricted performance at both temperatures. There was no interaction with air temperature. Responses to heat were similar between CO and no-CO groups.

Implication. Carbon monoxide pollution causes submaximal performance to be decreased independent of environmental temperatures.

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