Marra, C. C., De Campos Rosario, W., & Souza, P. F. (2005). Effects of anaerobic exercise and supplementation of creatine on acute changes in plasma and urinary levels. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 206.

Healthy males (N = 19) were assigned to two groups, one with exercise (N = 9) and the other without exercise (N = 10). Both groups were initially supplemented with 7 gm of creatine and 95 gm of carbohydrate. Two hours after supplementation, the exercise group performed 30 runs of 30 meters, with one minute rest between trials. Between trials 15-16 all Ss were supplemented with a further 7 gm of creatine and 250 gm of CHO.

No differences occurred between groups. During supplementation plasma increased but exercise did not affect post-exercise urinary excretion of creatine.

Implication. Anaerobic exercise does not affect urinary excretion of supplemented creatine.

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