Wright, G., Williams, L., Greany, J., & Foster, C. (2006). Effect of static stretching, dynamic stretching, and warm-up on active hip range of motion and vertical jump. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 1756.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of three different activities designed to prepare hip and leg musculature on active range of motion and strength-power performance in a vertical jump. Physical education students (N = 36; ages 18-30 yr) performed three treatments in preparation for a strength-power activity on non-consecutive days. Treatments included static stretching, dynamic stretching, and a 10-minute jogging warm-up. Pre- and post-treatment values were measured for vertical jump and active hip range of motion (measured for straight-legged flexion, bent-knee flexion, straight-legged extension, bent-knee extension, and abduction).

Vertical jump increased significantly more with warm-up than dynamic stretching and decreased with static stretching. Active hip range of motion increased similarly following all three treatments for bent-knee flexion, straight-legged extension, and abduction. For straight-legged flexion, each treatment increased range of motion, however, dynamic stretching increased range of motion more than static stretching but warm-up was not significantly different from either stretching condition.

Implication. A warm-up, static stretching, and dynamic stretching effectively increased the range of motion of the hip. Warm-up and dynamic stretching performed before a trial increased vertical jumping performance. Static stretching WAS detrimental to jumping performance.

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