Welch, J. M., Kellner, K. A., Laroche, N. C., MacCormick, M. J., MacLean, K. F., & Hemeon, J. A. (2008). Motivational music during resistance training improves strength endurance. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number, 1608.

This study determined if listening to motivational music during resistance training improved strength endurance. Healthy young adults (M = 12; F = 28) performed a 10 repetition maximum (10 RM) leg press test and were randomly assigned to either a music or no-music training group. Ss then performed four weeks of a resistance training protocol for the legs. Ss in the music group listened to individually selected motivational music. Ss in the no-music group wore ear plugs to avoid ambient music. Final testing measured the maximum number of repetitions completed at the previously determined 10 RM weight. Tests were performed without music.

Resistance training resulted in greater leg press strength endurance in both groups. The groups were not statistically different. Greater improvements were measured in Ss who did not otherwise listen to music while exercising.

Implication. Listening to self-selected motivational music during resistance training resulted in greater improvements in strength endurance in the lower limbs of individuals who previously had not practiced with music.

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