Signorelli, G. R., & Franco, B. L. (2007). Influence of single and multiple sets of static stretching on bench press efforts. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 1834.

This study evaluated the influence of single and multiple sets of static stretching on a consequent bench press efforts. Males (N = 12) were subjected to five tests of bench pressing (10-15 repetition maximal warm-up, followed by a 1 RM test. After 72 hours of resting, another RM test (85% of 1 RM) was performed until exhaustion without stretching. Static stretching consisted of one set of 20 seconds (1x20); two sets of 20 seconds (2x20); three sets of 20 seconds before bench-pressing.

There were no significant differences between conditions for number of repetitions or work performed.

Implication. Stretching exercises before strength training, independently of numbers of sets, did not have any influence on subsequent muscular performance.

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