Sayers, A., Caputo, J. L., Farley, R. S., Fuller, D. K., & Jubenville, C. B. (2007). The effect of static stretching on phases of sprint performance in elite soccer players. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 1440.

This study determined if the acceleration and/or the maximal velocity phase of a 30-m sprint is impacted by pre-performance static stretching in elite female soccer players (N = 20). On two non-consecutive days, Ss were assigned randomly to either a stretching or no-stretching condition. On the first day, Ss in the no-stretching condition completed a standard warm-up protocol and then performed two 30-m sprints. Ss in the stretching condition performed the standard warm-up protocol, completed a stretching routine of the hamstring, quadriceps, and calf muscles, and then performed two 30-m sprints. On the second day, the groups experienced the other condition.

The no-stretching condition yielded significantly better performance characteristics of acceleration, maximal velocity sprint time, and overall sprint time than the stretching condition.

Implication. Static stretching inhibits acceleration and sprint performance.

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