Ramierz, E. B., Williford, H. N., & Olson, M. S. (2007). Effects of a static stretching versus conventional warm-up on power output during Wingate cycle performance. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 2025.

This study determined if acute bouts of static stretching affected power output in a maximal anaerobic cycle test. Recreationally active male cyclists (N = 10) were tested for peak and mean anaerobic power output on two Wingate cycle test trials. One trial followed a static stretching warm-up protocol, and the other was without a stretching protocol (i.e., after a conventional warm-up on the cycle ergometer). The stretching protocol consisted of lower extremity stretches for the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Two stretches were performed on each muscle group and each stretch was held for 30 seconds. This protocol was repeated 4 times per leg.

Peak and mean power output with stretching were significantly less when compared to those of the conventional warm-up.

Implication. Static stretching before performance on the Wingate cycle test significantly decreases in both peak and mean power output. Conventional non-stretching warm-ups are superior to those that contain static stretching.

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