Mosey, Teresa, Mosey, Teri, & Otto, R. M. (2007). The affects of acute static stretching on anaerobic performance of recreational softball players. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 2572.

This study evaluated the effect of acute static stretching on maximal anaerobic performance. Following two warm-up protocols, recreational female softball players (N = 12) performed maximal 30-yd and 100-yd sprint trials as well as a maximal leg press. A no-stretch warm-up consisted of seven minutes of jogging, while the stretch warm-up included identical jogging plus 30 seconds of static stretching of the calf, hamstring, and quadriceps repeated three times with 30 seconds of rest between each stretch.

The static stretching group ran significantly slower at both distances and was significantly weaker in the leg press.

Implication. Static stretching as part of a warm-up depresses sprint running and leg-strength performances.

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