Mello, M. L., Pereira, M., Gomes, P. S. (2005). Acute effect of static and PNF stretching on dominant knee flexion and extension strength. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 951.

Women (N = 24) performed two adaptation sessions and three randomly assigned test sessions. Test sessions included a sit and reach test, six stretching exercises for quadriceps and hamstrings (total of six minutes with either static stretching or PNF stretching), another sit and reach test, and an isokinetic strength test. One session was for control purposes and only required the sit and reach test and the isokinetic strength test. Stretching exercises were passive and held for 30 seconds (static) or performed in 10-second blocks of contract-relax PNF exercises.

All strength measures declined after both forms of stretching. No differences were found except in knee extension peak torque with PNF causing a greater decline.

Implication. Stretching before strength work impairs strength function.

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