Hunter, A. M., Smith, I. J., Watt, J. M., Yirrell, C., & Galloway, S. D. (2006). The effect of massage on force production and tensiomyography. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 690.

This study evaluated the effect of massage on force production and contractile properties. Healthy males (N = 13) performed three isokinetic concentric contractions after each massage treatment on the knee extensors at angular velocities of 60, 120, 180 and 240 deg/s. Contractions were performed before and after a 30-minute intervention of either passive rest in the supine position or lower limb massage. Massage data were captured on both the vastus lateralis and gastrocnemius immediately on Ssí arrival at the laboratory, after a standardized five-minute warm-up, and three minutes following the 30-minute massage intervention.

A significant interaction effect in force production was observed with the passive rest condition resulting in an increase compared to a decline after the massage at all contraction velocities. Contraction time was significantly reduced after the massage while no change was shown after rest in the vastus lateralis. The gastrocnemius responded in the opposite direction with a significant force increase after the massage treatment, while a reduction was shown after the rest period.

Implication. Massage reduces force production in the muscles massaged.

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