Dorian, T., Schroeder, K., Fogarty, T., Mel, A., & Jones, M. T. (2007). The influence of massage on pre- and post-exercise flexibility: A preliminary analysis. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 2577.

This study investigated the effects of massage on pre- and post-exercise flexibility and to identify if the timing of the massage had significant implications. Healthy Ss (M = 10; F = 5) were randomly assigned into one of four groups - pre-exercise massage, post-exercise massage, pre- and post-exercise massage, and control. The exercise protocol consisted of a 20-minute step test, with the height of the step representing 105% of shin length. Ss received a 15-minute massage (7.5 minutes per leg). Ss were evaluated on flexibility pre- and post- exercise and massage and 24, 48, and 72 hours post-exercise.

There were no significant differences between the massage and control groups at any time in the study.

Implication. Massage does not influence pre- or post-exercise flexibility.

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