Cramer, J. T., Housh, T. J., Johnson, G. O., Miller, J. M., Coburn, J. W., & Beck, T. W. (2004). Acute effects of static stretching on peak torque in women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 18, 236-241.

This study examined the effects of static stretching on concentric, isokinetic leg extension peak torque (PT) at 60 and 240 degrees/s in stretched and unstretched limbs in women. The peak torque of the dominant (stretched) and non-dominant (unstretched) leg extensors were measured on a calibrated Cybex 6000 dynamometer. Following the pre-stretching peak torque assessments, the dominant leg extensors were stretched using 1 active and 3 passive stretching exercises. After the stretching, peak torque was reassessed.

Peak torque decreased following the static stretching in both limbs and at both velocities. These findings suggest that stretching-induced decreases in peak torque may be related to changes in the mechanical properties of the muscle, such as an altered length-tension relationship, or a central nervous system inhibitory mechanism.

Implication. This investigation, in conjunction with previous studies, indicated that static stretching impairs maximal force production.

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