Strecker, E., Kovacs, M. S., Smith, J. W., & Pascoe, D. D. (2004). Efficacy of aluminum cooling jacket during continuous exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 2132.

The ability to sustain a lower core body temperature during continuous, moderately intense activity can lead to improvements in work performance and reduce the risk of a heat related medical emergencies. This investigation determined the efficacy of an aluminum weave jacket during a 20-minute continuous jog in active males (N = 8). Two 20-minute trials required Ss to run at 60% of their VO2max around a 20-m x 20-m square. Cadence for the trials was set according to the values calculated using a Multistage Fitness Test during the VO2max. Two conditions were tested: 1) wearing an aluminum weave jacket, and 2) not wearing an aluminum cooling jacket. Pre- and Post-core temperature and post-ratings of perceived exertion, pre- and post-heart rate, and post-thermal sensation were assessed at the beginning and end of each trial.

There was a significant increase in core body temperature (1.33 C) from pre- to post-exercise among groups. However, there was no significant difference in core body temperature, rating of perceived exertion, post-thermal sensation, or heart rate between trials.

Implication. Aluminum weave jackets do not reduce thermal load during a 20-minute continuous jog.

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