Garrett, A. T., Goossens, N. G., Rehrer, N. J., Patterson, M. J., & Cotter, J. D. (2004). The role of dehydration in short-term heat acclimation. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 570.

Moderately trained males (N = 10) were exposed to exercise in the heat (39.5C, 60% relative humidity) for 90 minutes on five consecutive days. This was repeated twice with a five-week intervening period. One series was taken with normal adequate hydration (euhydration) while the other was with dehydration (no fluid replacement). Ss were tested one week before and on the second day after completion of each 5-day acclimation period.

Cardiac output and stroke volume increased significantly under dehydration. Performance improved in both conditions.

Implication. Short-term heat acclimation in a dehydrated state stimulated enhanced cardiovascular adaptations. Heat acclimation improved performance.

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