Wylegala, J. A., Pendergast, D. R., Gosselin, L., Warkander, D. E., & Lundgren, C. C. (2005). The effect of respiratory muscle training on swimming endurance in divers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 2323.

This investigation determined if two specific respiratory muscle training protocols enhanced respiratory function and swimming performance in divers. Males (N = 30) were assigned randomly to a placebo, endurance, and an endurance plus resistance group. All training sessions were 30 minutes per day, five days per week, for four weeks.

The placebo group did not change in any parameter. Both respiratory training groups in underwater and surface swimming to exhaustion tests. The endurance plus resistance group improved significantly more than the endurance alone group. Respiratory muscle training increased tidal volume during exercise suggesting a reduced work or increased efficiency of the respiratory muscles.

Implication. Respiratory muscle training improves underwater and surface swimming performances.

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