Osei, A. K., Kolkhorst, F. W., Dolgener, F. A., & Hensley, L. D. (1998). Effects of Ibuprofen on delayed-onset muscle soreness and subsequent exercise performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 580.

This study investigated whether the ingestion of ibuprofen prior to or following an eccentrically-biased exercise bout would reduce DOMS and influence subsequent maximal anaerobic exercise performance (vertical jump, 30-s Wingate test). Therapeutic ibuprofen (dosage was 2200 mg from one hour before to 24 hours after the exercise), prophylactic ibuprofen (dosage was 2200 mg ingested 24-48 hours after exercise), and control conditions were compared.

All DOMS measures were greater post-exercise than pre-exercise but did not differ over time or between groups. Also post-exercise muscle performance did not differ from pre-exercise values.

Implication. Ibuprofen did not reduce DOMS nor did it affect maximal anaerobic performance.

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