Orbetelli, R., Valquer, W. Capelli, C., & Barros, T. L. (2003). Carbohydrate loading in soccer players after the game affects mood, muscle, and physical performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1180.

Professional soccer players (N = 4) were assessed immediately and 16 hours after a soccer game in a double-blind experimental protocol. The CHO group received 1gm/kgBW of a commercial product within 30 minutes of completing the game. The control group was not allowed any CHO for four hours post-game. Both groups were allowed hydration as necessary.

The post-game carbohydrate-loading group recovered body weight within 16 hours whereas the control group did not. The CHO-loading group was also better in mood, had less muscle soreness, and produced better physical performance.

Implication. Post-game carbohydrate-loading enhances recovery.

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