Millard-Stafford, M., Moore, L., Fritz, D., Snow, T., & Hitchcock, K. (2004). Recovery from exhaustive running: Efficacy of a carbohydrate-protein beverage. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 290.

Trained runners (N = 8) completed three beverage treatments: 6% CHO sports drink, 8% CHO/2% protein, and 10% CHO for two hours following a 90-minute run. Immediately following the run, a treadmill fatigue test at 90% VO2max was performed and repeated following two hours of recovery. After 24 hours of recovery, a 5-km time trial on a track was completed.

Blood glucose at 45 minutes was significantly higher in the 6% CHO group than either of the other two groups. Insulin response at 60 minutes was significantly higher in the 10% CHO group than in the 6% CHO group but not in the CHO-Protein group. There was no difference in run time to fatigue after 2 or 24 hours. Muscle soreness was lower in the CHO-Protein group than in the 10% CHO group but not in the 6% CHO group.

Implication. A CHO-protein beverage in recovery does not improve subsequent performance.

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