Kilpatrick, M. W., Bartholomew, J. B., Stromberg, D. H., & Hebert, E. P. (2002). Impact of aerobic cool-down and fitness status on post-exercise perceptions of exercise experience. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 159.

Ss (M = 15; F = 14) were tested for aerobic fitness and were then subjected to three exercise trials on a cycle ergometer. Each trial consisted of 10-min warm-up and 20 minutes of exercise at 60% VO2max with conclusions being varied. Trial 1 concluded with 10 minutes of cool-down. Trial 2 concluded with 10 minutes of activity at 60% aerobic capacity. Trial 3 concluded with 10 minutes at 80% aerobic capacity.

There was no difference between the conditions for perceptions of the exercise experience. Moderately fit individuals enjoyed the exercise more, had greater exercise self-efficacy, had more positive attitudes and intentions toward exercise, and viewed the exercise as more successful.

Implication. The intensity of post-exercise activity has little effect on perceptions of the previous exercise. [However, other investigations have shown that activity near the lactate threshold produces the fastest physical recovery.]

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