Cannon, E. W., Rhodes, E. C., Martin, A. D., & Coutts, K. D. (1998). Aerobic training and recovery VO2 kinetics after supramaximal exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 1130.

Untrained males (N = 10) trained aerobically for six weeks. Pre- and post-training VO2max and Anaerobic Speed Tests (normalized for individuals) were performed.

After six weeks of aerobic training, VO2max had improved and VO2 recovery components were significantly decreased. There was no relationship between VO2max and VO2 recovery rates.

Recovery VO2 kinetics associated with high intensity anaerobic exercise were decreased through aerobic training. VO2 recovery rates associated with supramaximal anaerobic work do not appear to be related to VO2max but rather, to the type of training experienced.

Implication. Aerobic training improves recovery from anaerobic exercise. This is justification for developing an aerobic training base no matter what the type of strenuous exercise to be performed.

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