Bailey, D. M., Williams, C., Hurst, T., & Powell, J. (2001). Recovery from downhill running following ascorbic acid supplementation. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 695.

This study analyzed the effect of antioxidant supplementation before the performance of muscle damaging exercise. Active males (N = 14) were divided into two matched groups and assigned to nine days of supplementation of either ascorbic acid or placebo. On the seventh day, Ss completed a 60-min run at -10 at a speed that elicited 70% VO2max previously determined for level running.

Ascorbic acid supplementation reduced loss of muscle function and markers of muscle damage following extended severed downhill running.

Implication. When muscle damage is expected in an athletic performance, one week of supplementation with ascorbic acid could result in reduced trauma from the exercise.

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