Pizza, F. X., Holtz, R. W., Mitchell, J. B., Gast, L., Starling, R. D., Braun, T. A., & Forrest, M. (1994). Anaerobic capacity: influence of training status. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 26(5), Supplement abstract 600.

Resistance, endurance, and untrained individuals were compared on anaerobic capacity and extracellular buffering capacity (ECBC). Leg muscle mass and maximal accumulated oxygen deficit were also measured.

No significant differences were revealed when maximal accumulated oxygen deficit was expressed relative to body weight or leg muscle mass. It was concluded that anaerobic capacity and ECBC were not affected by endurance or resistance training. It might be more meaningful to report maximal accumulated oxygen deficit relative to muscle mass to better understand anaerobic training effects.

Implication. Neither endurance nor weight training affects specific anaerobic function.

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