Weatherby, R. P., & Rogerson, S. (May, 2002). Caffeine potentiation of the performance enhancing effects of pseudoephedrine. Sixth IOC World Congress on Sport Sciences, abstract, p. 110.

Athletes (N = 14) from a variety of aerobic team sports were tested on three occasions with a different drug administration on each: 120 mg pseudoephedrine, 180 mg pseudoephedrine, and 120 mg pseudoephedrine plus 300 mg caffeine. Ss refrained from caffeine intake. Performance was measured with a 30-s supramaximal cycle test.

Peak power and total work were significantly higher on the pseudoephedrine + caffeine trial than on the pseudoephedrine (120 mg) trial. Pain perception was lower in the combined trial than in either pseudoephedrine-alone trial.

Implication. The ergogenic effect of pseudoephedrine is stronger when taken with a low dose of caffeine. Although both drugs are banned beyond certain levels, “allowable” drugs taken together might still provide an advantage because of the potentiating effect of caffeine on pseudoephedrine.

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