Porcari, J. P., Witt., L., Foster, C., Aiuppa, T., & Doberstein, S. (2003). The effects of oxygenated water o heart rate and arterial saturation responses during hypoxia. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1488.

Oxygenated water is supposed to contain 7-10 times more oxygen than regular bottled water and is reported to extend maximal exercise time. This study investigated the effects of oxygenated water on several physiological variables associated with oxygen transport during hypoxia. Ss (N = 20) completed two trials in random order. One used 20 oz of regular water and the other used 20 oz of oxygenated water. After a 30-minute rest period, Ss inhaled a 10% oxygen mixture for three minutes followed by five minutes of breathing room air. This cycle was repeated three times.

There were no significant differences in mean heart rate responses or percent saturation at maximal desaturation. Rates of desaturation and resaturation were similar under both conditions.

Implication. Oxygenated water had no effect on oxygen saturation or heart rate during induced hypoxia. It is doubtful that consuming oxygenated water will influence exercise.

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