Keles, N. (2002). Treating allergic rhinitis in the athlete. Rhinology, 40, 211-214.

"Allergic rhinitis may affect athletes like any other member of society. It is a major problem for the atopic athlete. Either perennial or seasonal, it may cause problems with nasal function depending upon the type and quantity of allergen exposure. Moreover, exposure to irritants, chemicals, and air pollutants may exacerbate allergic rhinitis. In this patient group, special diagnostic and particularly therapeutic considerations are warranted for the disease. Treatment of the athlete should be based on two important principles: no medication given should be on any list of doping products and no medication used should affect the athlete's performance. Antihistamines, topical cromolyn, and topical steroids may be used to control allergic rhinitis without violating 'anti-doping' regulations".

Implication. Asthma treatment is possible in athletes but is very restricted because of anti-doping rules.

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