Godfrey, R. J., Whyte, G. P., & Head, A. (2003). Human growth hormone response to exercise in elite and club-level rowers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1846.

This investigation measured the human growth hormone (hGH) response of male elite (N = 17) and club-level (N = 8) rowers to a standardized graded exercise.

Elite rowers exhibited significantly greater peak power and power at lactate threshold, and had larger peak oxygen consumption and faster 2000 m time trials. No difference in hGH values in response to exercise between the two groups was observed at rest, lactate threshold, or VO2peak.

"The absence of any real difference in hGH response to exercise between the two groups suggests that this response is unrelated to either performance level or to selected physiological parameters" (p. 332).

Implication. Human growth hormone does not differentiate markedly different performances or performers.

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