Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport. (2005). Doping-Free Sport : Sample Collection Procedures. [https://www.cces.ca/forms/index.cfm?dsp=template&act=view3&template_id=132&lang=e]. [https://www.paralympic.org/release/Main_Sections_Menu/Anti_Doping/Education/WADA_Doping_Control_Flyer_ENGLISH.pdf].

"Measuring Specific Gravity and/or pH

The DCO measures the specific gravity and/or pH using the residual urine left in the collection vessel. The values are recorded on the doping control form. If the sample does not meet the specific gravity or pH requirements, the athlete may be asked to provide additional samples as required by the Anti-Doping Organization".

Implication. These two references refer to the need to monitor the specific gravity of urine. This has to be determined early in the collection process.

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