Brown, G. A., Vukovich, M. D., Kohut, M. A., Franke, W., Jackson, D. A., King, D. S., & Bowers, L. D. Urinary excretion of steroid metabolites following chronic androstenedione ingestion. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1835.

"A urinary testosterone:epitestosterone (T:E) ratio > 6.0 is often used to detect manipulation of the testosterone profile. Androstenedione (ASD) use is banned as a testosterone-enhancing agent in many sports. Urinary excretion of steroids following ASD intake has only been examined after a single dose of 50 mg and after ingesingt a single dose of 100 or 300 mg for a relatively short period. . . . This study evaluated the effects of 28 days of 100 mg ASD intake on urinary steroid excretion in men" (p. S331). Healthy men (N = 20) were randomly assigned to an ASD or placebo group.

Serum testosterone and urinary steroid excretion were unchanged in the placebo group. ASD intake did not change total testosterone but free testosterone increased by ~40%. Prolonged ASD intake increased testosterone, epitestosterone, androsterone, and etiocholanolone. The T:E ratio was not increased as a group but one S did exhibit a ratio of 17.

Implication. ASD intake does not increase the T:E ratio except in very rare individuals.

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