Boulu, R. G. (2002). New provisions for prevention and fight against doping. Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises, 60, 291-295.

"Doping which is largely a sport-related phenomenon, led the French government to enact a series of laws in 1965, 1984, and 1989. Due to the apparent extension of doping, a new law was enacted on March 23, 1999. This law concerns medical surveillance of athletes and prevention and fight against doping. A council for the prevention and fight against doping was created. This nine-member council includes a representative of the French International Academy of Pharmacy and its president is a state counselor. The council has three main areas of activity: disciplinary judgments concerning doped athletes, establishment of prevention policies, coordination of scientific research in the field of sport medicine and doping. The law also provides for penal sanctions for resellers. Anti-doping activities are also managed on an international level. Contributors include the Council of Europe, the European Community, the International Olympic Committee, and the recently created (1999) World Anti-doping Agency".

Implication. This article describes how a government can accept myths as truths. France should be included along with the USA, Australia, UK, and New Zealand as those easily duped.

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