Wilson, B. A., Reid, J. C., Perry, C. G., & Perry, W. M. (2003). Effects of high intensity interval training in hyperoxia compared to normoxia. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 2067.

Ss completed a training program consisting of six weeks of cycle ergometry for one hour per day. Training intensity was 80-85% HRmax with 4-min work and 2-min rest intervals. Ss were assigned to hyperoxic breathing (57-60% VO2) or normal breathing. After 12 weeks of detraining, Ss returned and completed another six weeks in the other condition.

There were no significant differences in any parameter for each training program. Training itself showed significant increases in VO2max and performance time. Load increase throughout training to maintain a standardized heart rate was 15% more in the hyperoxic than normoxic condition.

Implication. More research is required to show whether the trends of the data of this investigation, which showed hyperoxic training improved cardiorespiratory function, would translate into significant differences in function and actual exercise performance.

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