Martin, D. T., Hahn, A. G., Lee, H., Roberts, A. D., Victor, J., & Gore, C. J. (2002). Effects of a 12-day live-high, train-low cycling camp on 4-min and 30-min performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 1538.

Cyclists (N = 5) slept for 12 nights in normobaric hypoxia (2650 m; the HIGH group). Paired team mates (N = 6) slept in normobaric normoxia (600 m; the CON group). All Ss trained and raced together. After 16 days of controlled training, the HIGH group slept in hypoxic conditions.

The HIGH group increased in 4-min performance but not 30-min performance. The CON group did not change either performance. Post-altitude, the HIGH group worsened in 30-min performance while the CON group improved.

Implication. Sleeping in hypoxic environments and training in normal environments produces mixed reactions in cyclists.

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