Fernandez-Castanys B. F., Fernandez, M. D., & Garcia, J. A. (2002). The effect of sodium citrate intake on anaerobic performance in normoxia and after sudden ascent to a moderate altitude. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 42, 179-185.

Healthy males (N = 17) were assessed for the effect of sodium citrate (an alkalizer) on anaerobic performance (maximal work level on a cycle ergometer) in normoxia (sea level) and acute hypoxia (2320 m altitude). A placebo condition was also employed.

Heart rate decreased at altitude in both placebo and sodium citrate conditions. Minute ventilation (VE) was reduced after exercise in the sodium citrate group at both sea level and altitude. Respiratory ratio (RER) was increased in the sodium citrate group after exercise. Lactate concentrations were higher after exercise in the citrate group. There were no effects for time to exhaustion in any condition.

Implication. Sodium citrate does not have ergogenic properties for anaerobic work at sea level or altitude.

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