Mann, J., Jordan, A., Jurca, D., Earnest, C. (2004). Effects of oral ATP supplementation on anaerobic power. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 1158.

ATP supplementation effects on indices of anaerobic capacity and muscular strength performance were examined. Males (N = 27) were divided into three groups to receive a low (150 mg) or high dose (225 mg) of ATP, or matched placebo. Total blood ATP (whole blood and plasma ATP) concentrations, two Wingate anaerobic power tests (30 seconds), and muscular strength (1RM and 3 sets of repetitions to fatigue at 70% of 1RM) were measured under three conditions: (i) baseline, (ii) acutely (7d later, no prior supplementation and 1 hour following ATP ingestion), and (iii) after 14 days of daily ingestion (post).

There were no significant differences between or within group treatment effects for whole blood ATP or plasma ATP concentrations for any treatment condition. There were no treatment effects for any Wingate testing parameter, including peak PO, total work, average PO for 30 seconds or post-Wingate lactate accumulation, or for any muscular strength parameter.

Implication. ATP supplementation does not influence anaerobic power.

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