Johnson, S. N., Plowman, S. A., DeLancey, M. R., Larson, B. M., Rudie, L., Miller, B., & Rzeutko, K. (2002). Effects of a ginseng and mushroom based herbal supplement on lactate response to resistance exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 1300.

"Lactate, a by-product of fast glycolysis, impairs exercise performance by decreasing ATP production, inhibiting energy substrate availability, and reducing force and velocity of muscle contractions" (p S232). Ginseng is promoted as facilitating lactate clearance. Active volunteers (M = 5; F = 5) participated in a five-week experiment comparing placebo to ginseng/mushroom supplementation (900 ml twice a day) followed by a one-week washout period. That was followed by two weeks of ingesting the other substance.

No significant difference for any strength or lactate variable was found between conditions.

Implication. A commercially available ginseng and mushroom supplement did not affect lactate removal.

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