Frank, L. L., Baer, J. T., Lambert, C. P., & Anderson, M. L. (2002). The effects of a pre-exercise feeding with or without fungal carbohydrases (CarbogenTM) on blood parameters and exercise performance in elite cyclists: A preliminary study. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 12, 310-317.

The effect of fungal carbohydrases (Carbogen) consumed with a meal replacement bar on glucose metabolism and exercise performance was determined in male competitive cyclists (N = 5). Ss performed two 60-min cycling bouts at 80% VO2max, followed by a time-to-exhaustion effort at 100% VO2max, each after a 12-hour fast. One hour before exercising, Ss ingested a meal replacement bar plus 160 mg Carbogen on one occasion and on the other, the Carbogen was replaced by 160 mg of CaCO3.

Performance improved and blood glucose was higher throughout the exercise in the Carbogen trial. Insulin levels were significantly higher at the start of the exercise in the Carbogen group but were significantly lower at 30 and 60 minutes into the exercise.

Implication. Carbogen, when combined with a meal replacement bar, is likely to have an ergogenic effect on extended steady-state endurance performances.

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