Davidson, C., Bonnici, F., McLaughlin, K., Morrill, J., Viola, A., Lail, A., Otto, R., & Wygand, J. (2004). The effect of sodium citrate ingestion on repeated bouts of isokinetic exercise performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 1980.

"Repeated bouts of intensive anaerobic activity are usually accompanied by elevated levels of lactic acid, concomitant fatigue, and a reduction in performance. Both sodium citrate and sodium bicarbonate are purported to enhance buffering of lactate and attenuate the reduction in anaerobic performance displayed in repeated bouts of intense exercise. Although the administration of sodium bicarbonate has been studied extensively, there exists a paucity of information regarding the use of sodium citrate with resistance training" (p. S283). This study evaluated the performance of repeated bouts of intense isokinetic exercise following the ingestion of sodium citrate or a placebo. Recreational athletes (N = 9) performed familiarization trials and two double-blind cross-over experimental trials separated by seven days. The experimental trials were preceded by either sodium citrate (0.3 g/kg) or a placebo (0.045 g/kg NaCl) diluted in an equal volume of water and administered 75 minutes before the exercise. Each trial consisted of five sets of 10 repetitions of maximal isokinetic knee extension/flexion at 75 degrees/second in the dominant leg with one minute of rest between sets.

There was no difference between groups for reduction in total work from set one to set five or for total work for both extension and flexion for all five sets,

Implication. The administration of sodium citrate at a moderate dose does not attenuate the normal reduction in both work and power associated with repeated bouts of intense anaerobic exercise.

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