Constantini, N. W. (2003). Prevalence of iron deficiency and anemia in top-level basketball players. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 693.

Adolescent and adult basketball players (N = 103) were screened for iron-stores status and anemia. Iron deficiency was defined as a ferritin level below 20 mcg/dl. Anemia was defined as hemoglobin levels below 14 gr/dl for males and 12 gr/dl for females.

Iron deficiency was found in 15% of males and 35% of females. Anemia was found in 18% of males and 38% of females. Anemia and iron deficiency in the same Ss were found in 5% males and 22% of females.

Implication. Iron deficiency was of sufficient occurrence to justify testing for iron deficiency and using iron supplements in basketball players.

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