Chwalbinska-Moneta, J. (2003). Effect of creatine supplementation on aerobic performance and anaerobic capacity in elite rowers in the course of endurance training. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 13, 173-183.

Creatine supplementation effects were investigated in elite male rowers (N = 16) during seven days of endurance training. Creatine (20g/day) was ingested by eight rowers while the other eight ingested a placebo. Ss performed an incremental test until exhaustion and an all-out anaerobic test.

Maximal power output was similar between the groups. Individual lactate thresholds rose in the creatine group but not in the placebo group. In the anaerobic test, the creatine group was able to row significantly longer than the placebo group.

Implication. Short-term creatine ingestion improves endurance (lactate threshold) and anaerobic performance independent of on-going endurance training.

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