Renna, B. F., & Coles, M. G. (2002). Exercise-induced hypohydration and isokinetic muscular strength and endurance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 635.

This study examined whether exercise-induced hypohydration affected isokinetic muscular strength and endurance. Males (N = 9) performed a Thorstensson Fatigue Test using the quadriceps muscles of the dominant leg three hours after completing exercised-induced dehydration (100 minutes of low intensity exercise in a sweatsuit with fluid restriction) and rehydration (same exercise conditions but fluid ingestion permitted during exercise and recovery) protocols.

The dehydration group experienced a 3.64% lean body mass weight reduction while the rehydration group lost 1.29%. Muscular strength and muscular endurance (as evidenced by a fatigue index) were similar between groups.

Implication. Moderate dehydration does not affect muscular strength or muscular endurance.

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